Accessibility Statement

The Web Accessibility Statement with One Click Accessibility (OCA) tagging and plugin ensures that users of our website enjoy an unimpeded browsing experience. The OCA tagging and plugin provide a browsing environment that is easy to read and understand for users with disabilities, including those with visual, hearing, physical, cognitive, and learning disabilities. The OCA tagging and plugin provide tools to improve accessibility, including the following:

HTML accessibility declaration

Web page html tags include title tags, headers, lists, image tags, and links. These tags provide a structure to the web page so that users with disabilities can navigate the content more easily.

OCA Plugin

The OCA plugin provides tools to improve accessibility for users with disabilities. These tools include an option to enlarge text size, an option to read content aloud, an option to change font and background colors, an option to change timeouts, and an option to disable animation effects. . These tools allow users to customize the content to their needs for a better user experience. 

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