Diodo laser



Diode Laser, the latest technology in laser hair removal.

Are laser hair removal equipment the same? The answer is no. Research carried out by the scientific community has rated the diode laser as the best hair removal laser on the market to obtain the longest lasting results in just a few sessions, with the least risk or side effects on the skin.

It is effective on all types of skin and residual hair. Treats virtually all areas, facial and body hair. It is practically painless, with very few contraindications.

This treatment is indicated for those people who have light skin and dark hair. The diode laser emits intense light that penetrates the skin to reach the hair follicle and destroy it permanently. This means that once the treatment is performed, hair will not grow back in the treated area.

No matter what type of hair removal you choose, our qualified professionals will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience!

Diode hair removal can be done all year round, photo tanned, dark and any other skin type

Guaranteed results. Call and book your appointment today. Prices are indicated by areas.

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