Hair micropigmentation


Micropigmentación capilar


Are you tired of trying countless hair loss solutions with little or no success?

Recover your power with Hair Micropigmentation, welcome back your confidence, saying goodbye to any problem generated by hair loss on the scalp.

These common problems in men and women can make us feel insecure and less attractive. However, there is an effective and long-lasting solution that is revolutionizing the way
in which we face baldness: capillary micropigmentation. Did you know that you are a candidate if your problems are among some of the mentioned, we can provide you with a solution:

  • Alopecia problems
  • Low capillary density
  • Scars due to trauma, hair surgery or other
  • Patients who are not suitable for hair transplant
  • Scalp transplant patients who were unable to obtain
    ner the desired result

With advanced hair micropigmentation and an innovative procedure, it offers you a real and natural alternative to obtain the appearance of a scalp with hair, without the need to undergo invasive surgeries or ineffective topical treatments that have not provided results.

This non-invasive procedure is performed in a personalized manner, adapting to your individual needs and characteristics.

The result is a natural and realistic look. This revolutionary technique uses specialized pigments that are precisely applied to the scalp, simulating the appearance
rience of real hair follicles.

Non-invasive hair micropigmentation and a low-maintenance solution that does not require additional products or constant visits to the salon. It is a long-term investment that will give you long-lasting results and a flawless appearance.


  • FREEDOM…Imagine having the freedom to enjoy full, full hair without worrying about sparse or bald spots.
  • TRUST… Forget about wigs or complexes
  • SELF-ESTEEM…. recover it along with your density, looking in the mirror
  • HAPPINESS… Give your story a twist


UNISEX HAIR DENSIFICATION: Ideal aesthetic technique to cover and give a greater density effect in areas where there is a shortage of hair, achieving an increase or for transplant donor areas with undesirable results. It is an ideal technique for both men and women.

SCAR CAMOUFLAGE: It is ideal for camouflaging imperfections, such as hair transplant scars and other scars caused by an injury or medical procedure. Super natural and visible results from the first session.

3D SHAVED EFFECT: Ideal for creating a hyper-realistic freshly shaved effect in alopecia or baldness

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