Intensive remodeling body treatment


Intensive Remodeling


Revolutionary treatment thanks to the innovative and unique advanced combination of algae multieffect. A formula with Algae Teck, based on a very high concentration of extraordinary seaweed . Novel active ingredients that act on adipose tissue, fluid retention and flaccidity, as well as on body skin aging. Pioneering treatment that, in addition to treating the body, provides unique sensations thanks to the combination of textures and pleasant changes in temperature; turning cosmetic body care into an incomparable sublime experience.

Natural treatment based on algae with comprehensive action in 6 steps (5 single-dose steps + 1 Algae Peall – Off Body Mask). A careful and innovative fusion of active ingredients that provides specific care to hit the target of the body.

Four mechanisms of action for a perfect result.

  • Reducing action (lipolytic/anti-cellulite).
  • Firming action.
  • Draining action/cell-detox.
  • Rejuvenating action.
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